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    DefaultMeet Lucy, the picky puppy

    Hi all, I just joined this forum and am excited to read and learn more about the newest addition to our family.

    Lucy is a 9 week old chocolate lab who had a yellow lab for a dad. She has only been with me for a week. She's not all brown, has some big white spots on her chest and a racing stripe on her forehead. I sure hope those marking stay with her, they are awesome. She's fairly mellow and is very affectionate. I'm hoping in time she'll grow to be someone my fiance and I can go on hikes and runs with.

    I am a little worried about her eating and pooping. I'll start with eating.

    When I got her, the girl selling her was using Simply Nourish Chicken and Brown Rice Puppy. I figured not to fix what isn't broken. I got a bag and she doesn't touch it. I was really worried about her starving (she is skinny) so I got some canned food to mix. She ate a little of that and her energy came back for a few hours. Then she puked it all up. We read that boiled chicken and rice for puppies with upset stomach's is best, so we made her some. She ate it like she had been starving. She got playful. She was psyched. This is how I hoped she'd act. We've tried mixing in some dry food. We've tried homemade chicken broth and stock poured over the dry food. We've tried treats. It doesn't matter she won't touch it. If the chicken is too well mixed with the food or rice, she won't eat it. If it's not, she'll eat around it. She will not return to her bowl to lick leftovers. She eats the readily available chicken and leaves. End of story. The vet suggested mixing but it doesn't help. If it's not chicken that we cooked for her, she doesn't want it.

    Now for the pooping. It was pretty loose when we got home. It got looser. I was pretty freaked out but the vet said puppies have diarrhea sometimes and not to worry. It's never been more volume than a 10lb puppy would poop in a day, just runny. Some days it gets thicker, some days really runny. It hasn't gone away yet. He suggested about 1/4 of a tablet of the probiotic Culturel. I gave that to her last night and we had a bad night. Three big accidents and she didn't have time to warn us like she usually does. I don't think I'll use that stuff for her again!!

    She basically emptied herself out and is back to nibbling chicken and sleeping.

    The vet ran a stool sample, gave her the first round of shots, and a dewormer. He thought she was great. So how can I get our little sweetheart to eat, I would like to eventually be on dry dogfood. I've also heard that Immodium in small doses is safe, that sounds pretty last ditch to me though.

    Thanks for any ideas guys!

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    for starters i would bring in a specimen of the poop.

    i'd also try a food, stick with it, and see if maybe you aren't feeding too much. if you do use broth, make sure it's no sodium. over boiled rice and boiled chicken can help firm up but i'd want to know why the constant loose stool. i wouldn't count on Immodium, especially for such a young pup. i hesitate saying to add organic canned pumpkin as i feel you really should take a sample in before trying anything.

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    I had to log on to see Lucy
    I am a sucker for puppies
    Hey don't fry her!!!!!
    She looks adorable
    Take Maurico's advise
    Try to get one dog food/kibble
    Check with your vet.what he might recommend to feed Lucy
    My training dogs sucks @ times
    But I get an (A+) @house breaking
    If you need any house breaking tips let me know
    Congrats on Lucy

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    It turns out the bad belly was from Giardia!!

    She got a B12 shot and some fluids and she's on antibiotics. She's already acting more normal. I'm hopping in a day or two, she'll be feeling great.

    Cutest thing ever yesterday at the vet. We walked in and there was an 11 year (great looking) chocolate in the office too. They both went nose to nose, flopped their ears around and smiled at each other.

    She's eating chicken and rice now. As her belly gets a little better, I'll work on some food the vet gave us and the puppy chow. After 2 days of almost not eating though, I don't mind that it's people food for now.

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