I am the proud temporary (1 month) custodian of my daughter's yellow lab, Odin.

He has a few of the typical YL issues such as skin irritation / odor, lower (compared to his younger years) body weight and proven (by Vets tests) allergies. His diet has been Iams during most of his life but I'm thinking of switching to a fish/oatmeal feed to see if his diet is causing some of his problems. He is currently on 75mg benedryl 2x day (he's around 75 lbs) per the vet's recommendation and has a voracious appetite. He will literally eat anything and grazes constantly on sticks and acorns (in the fall). He is a great natured dog, as most labs are, and loves socializing with other dogs.

I plan to read around your great forum and appreciate any advice or words of encouragement.

Big O