Hello my name is Mike. I have a 7 year old choc lab named Riley. He is my BFF and the best thing I have ever done with my life. Recently when Riley was going to have a mass removed from his eyelid. In the pre-operative exam, the vet found two lumps Riley had the surgery. He had all 3 removed. Four days later, one of his wounds became infected. He had another surgery...Still the wound opened back up again...The vet said the wound would have heal via secondary intention. Almost a month of going to the vet everyday to have his wound cleaned and debrided. I maxed out the puppy credit card.
I am trying to raise money to cover the cost of his vet bills from the surgeries/visits/tests/meds. It was a nightmare. Feel free to come read Riley's story

Riley lumps removed...MY BFF...puppy dog by Mike Crimmings - GoFundMe

Riley's hair has almost fully grown back but I have found another lump at the front of his chest I need help incase he needs another surgery...

Any help/advise would be apperciated from the bottom of our hearts.