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    My name is Jeff. I live in Ct . I have had hunting dogs most of my life. A lot of coon dogs. Mostly walkers.All my dogs were outside dogs. My first Furchild Ted was born 03/28/01. He sadly passed 01/15/14. Sadest day of my life, and I have lived and almost not lived thru some bad ones.I miss him so much.

    Here is a few pics

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    sorry for your loss.

    I see in your other post you are looking for a lab pup. Will this dog be an outside dog as well?

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    Ted NEVER lived outside. He was spoiled rotten.... :-)
    All my coon dogs and beagle were outside dogs.
    And don't get me wrong I cared for them, but Ted was
    My little boy. We were very close.
    Just to give you an idea of how sweet he was...
    I owned my owe business. One day a man came into my
    Shop with two girls. One 6 one 11. The older girl had been
    Bitten by a dog and was scared to death of all dogs.
    The younger girl was immediately on the floor loving Ted up
    And playing with him. I took care of the customer and he called his girls to
    Leave. The older girl, arms wrapped tight around Ted's big neck was crying
    "But daddy I love Ted".
    He gave me a blank check.
    I told him if it were Ted's last day, and he was taking his last breath,
    He still wasn't for sale. But they could visit anytime ...

    Ted touched sooooo many people.

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