Help!! 7 Year old lab TPLO setback
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Thread: Help!! 7 Year old lab TPLO setback

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    DefaultHelp!! 7 Year old lab TPLO setback

    My dog Cali recently had surgery on her torn CCL. She had the TPLO procedure done which involves cutting the bone and rotating it and securing it with plates and screws. Scary I know. She was doing great until last night when we had a little mishap. Remember this was 4 days after surgery =/ One second she was under my feet with the heating pad on her leg, the next she was on my bed. I live in an apartment and my room is very close by, no stairs or slippery floors however she JUMPED! Yes jumped the number one thing dogs should not do after surgery. When I caught her on the bed you could tell she knew she did something wrong. It was 100% my fault for not keeping an eye out on her. I was too busy on my stupid computer researching NSAIDS. Anyways, she didn't yelp or anything when she jumped or else I would have heard it. I picker her up and put her on the ground and she seemed fine. This morning she seems a little sore but nothing major. There is some bruising that has appeared around her incision but I am not sure if that is just from the surgery or if it is from the jump up. I am so scared! Has anyone else had any experience with this??
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