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    Hello everyone,

    I am here to get some help during the recovery of my labbies TPLO surgery. She has been home for 3 days and seems to be doing well. It is going to be along recovery so I am hoping to get some support her on the website. Cali is a 7.5 year old yellow lab. She is little for her breed, weighing only 50 pounds but she is a love bug. I love her to death and it makes me so sad to see her in pain. I really would like to hear from other lab parents and there experience with the TPLO procedure and also anyone who has had a mensical release. (Yes that was bad too)
    Bentley is my other lab. She is a 2 year old black lab rescue that might be mixed with something else. She is a lover but was abused badly so has a tough time trust people and new situations. I am not sure if it is because of the abuse or a lack of socialization as a pup. When she is in a good state of mind (90 % of the time) she is a wonderful dog. The other 10% is filled with horror and barking and fear. Occasionally when approached by someone new she will get so scared and bark and run away. She has never showed any sign of aggression but only the reaction of fear. I feel so bad for her and just wish she would realize she is safe. I used to think it was men who bothered her but now it seems to be just random people. This is another thing I am interested to talk more about on the forum. Any advice, because I have pretty much tried EVERYTHING lol
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