I figured since we now are pet owners it might be a good idea to join a community of other owners since I seem to always be browsing the internet for ideas, advice, suggestions.

We (technically my 18 year old daughter) own a one year old chocolate lab (we got her as a puppy). She is a beauty...dad is an English lab, mom is an american lab. Benelli takes after dad I think...shorter, blocky and stocky..very strong, not very tall. She has tons of energy and thinks everyone is her friend and wants to play. She NEVER went through a skittish phase and her nose is always to the ground. She is fun and challenging at the same time. She loves sticking her face in mole holes, getting wet, whether from the hose or a lake or river or her swimming pool, loves the snow, and playing with a soccer ball (guess that's what happens when you have two soccer players in the house). My daughter plans to hunt with her.

Looking forward to all the awesome advice on here.