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    Hello All,

    I found this forum way back in 2006 when we got our first dog and it's been a long time! We just added another puppy and I tried to get on this forum but ended up having to make a new user and password. Anyway, the intro of the new puppy has NOT been as easy as I was anticipating. Should I post my questions here or on another thread? We have 2 black labs...our first is a boy and he will be 8 in August and our new puppy is an 8 week old black girl.

    Thanks so much!!

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    We had a black lab mix for 8 years before she got very fast spreading cancer and we had to say goodbye. She was the best dog I ever had and even though I swore I would never have another lab because it was to painful to say good bye when a friends lab had puppies I couldnt help it. I fell in love at first sight with our beautiful white, liver nosed Lorelei.

    She has been with us a year and has filled the hole in my heart that our sweet Madison (black lab) left behind.

    We still have a lot of socializing and training to do but like all labs she is a great dog.

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