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    Hi there!

    I've got a just turned 1 year old yellow lab named Baxter who is a extraordinarily picky dog. For whatever reason, the only thing he truly enjoys eating is carpet! We've tried different types of food, including chicken, lamb, and beef based dry foods, and for whatever reason, it's extremely difficult to get him to eat more than half of the recommended daily volume on a daily basis. He's right at about 70 pounds and can certainly be described as "lean" although the vet has taken a look at him and says that he is not underweight.

    He doesn't have any major food allergies that have come to light and he gets plenty of exercise on a daily basis from multiple walks to an hour playing fetch to entire days spent at daycare.

    Any advice on particular food brands that seem to have an irresistible taste or have been known to work with picky eaters would be much appreciated!

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    What is your best guess as to how much he eats per day?
    70 pounds sounds pretty good for a one year old.
    Some dogs prefer a "free-feeding" method if the home
    situation allows. I've never had a Lab like this, but I don't
    find it too unusual.

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    how are you feeding him now? is he under weight or have you been finding a way to make him eat?

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    Is he having any digestive issues? Ours had some for the first 8 months that we had him until we finally found the right food. The vet doesn't think so, but we are convinced he has a chicken allergy. You could always boil some chicken and rice for him if you're concerned he's not getting adequate nutrition.

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    for starters, i'd crate him if he enjoys eating carpet as that can down the line cause an issue, besides the fact that your house doesn't need holes or pieces out of carpet.

    the recommended amount , notoriously, on the bags of food, do not necessarily match with reality and i have never ever fed the amount on the bag. it's always too much.

    70 lbs for a yr old lab sounds like a good weight and if your vet doesn't think he looks too thin, i think you should find a food, you find reputable (not many recalls, good ingredients) continue. i happen to rotate feeding different dog foods, most fromm for jake, gf, because i like that the company is very old, and never a recall and i feel the food is pretty good.
    vangie suffers from a high eosinophil count which basically means she is intolerant or allergic and so i don't have barfing or her on prednisone more than once a week, i rotate novel proteins. my vet however, doesn't agree with this method, but it is working for us, (knock on wood) .

    you may find that vets do not know as much as you do, regarding nutrition and pet food.

    i am awaiting a french bulldog pup, and am considering raw, from haretoday, even tho my husband is a butcher , he can't grind those bones and frenchies are known gulpers.

    oh yeah, my other two are labs and honestly, would eat any food put down.

    i personally, from what you have said, don't think you have a picky eater (and i believe we create most picky eaters anyway)-and if the vet doesn't have concerns regarding your dog's slim build, i wouldn't worry and i'm sure the dog is eating enough.

    as i said, having had an issue a couple of years ago, with diamond food, i try and find companies that don't have recalls. they are few and far between.


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