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    DefaultNew pup coming soon!

    We are so excited about our new yellow lab puppy coming in 2 weeks. We lost our dog of 13 years recently. He was a black lab mix, but looked mostly lab. He was the best dog ever. Our new pup is going to bring a new happiness back into the home. We have visited him a couple of times, and he is a funny little guy. I have a couple of questions about large breed puppy food, etc. so waiting for full account activation. In the mean time, what is the general consensus? Is this a good idea. The food I am looking at is 29.56 protein, 18.74 fat, 1.6 fiber, and 1.16 calcium. Thanks!

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    Those are some specific numbers you are looking for. I'm currently using Victor Hi-Pro Plus for my pup. Dog Food Advisor is a good resource. [url=http://[/url]

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    congrats and welcome

    if you researched and selected your breeder and trust them, I would ask them about food. a good breeder knows what food works best for their dog and see how their dogs grow and develop on particular foods.

    there is no consensus on foods. no one food works best and there is no real consensus on large breed vs puppy vs all age formula.

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