Hi all,
I'm new at this forum. My name is Susan and live in So California. My 11 year old, Freedom, was diagnosed as having liver disease a month ago. She was urging to go bathroom a lot of times at one time, vomited, and wasn't feeling well. Took her to vet and did blood work... her liver count number was 520 which was high. It was from taking Novox/Rimadyl in which it has side effects and that affected her liver. Freedom had to take novox due to elbow dysplasia for a couple years. Had to change her diet...she wouldn't eat much and fed her bland food such as chicken, rice, and plain canned dog food. She no longer takes Novox but takes Tramadol to help with the pain. Finally, after a week, she started to eat more... she eats I/D hepatic dog food from the vet. Her spirit is good and she is determined to overcome her illness. She has more good days now... I'm consistent with giving her meds as well as Denamarin supplement to help reduce her liver count. From what I read on the internet, it can be reversed or improved. So I'm optimistic. Just this past Thurs, she had blood work done and her number is slowly decreasing...it went down 20 from 520. Vet says it's still too early to tell if she'll improve. So, we're praying and feel she'll be ok. Anyone familiar with their dogs having liver disease? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. I have another lab who is 13 years old. He's doing just fine. Thank you.