My Pup Will Be Born In Ten Days
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Thread: My Pup Will Be Born In Ten Days

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    DefaultMy Pup Will Be Born In Ten Days

    I'm getting a lab pup. I'm getting pick of the litter. I'm leaning towards a female, but don't know what color yet. My dog will be a pet. I think it would be cool if the pup learned to find shed antlers. I'm really hoping for a good house dog.

    So I found this forum. I have about two months to get ready.


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    Thanks for the welcome, does this site really have 15, 000 members???? LOL

    Seems dead around here,,,,....

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    HEY BEST OF LUCK with the new pup
    AND WELCOME!!!!!
    Since you are not decided on what to pick from the litter. Maybe some folks here can help out
    Actually I wanted to ask this question for awhile
    OK here is the question.
    Whether the labs are junk yard dogs or Westminster dogs
    No breeder in the picture
    No color sex. just want to pick the best pup what pup are you going to pick from the litter,,?
    How are you going to determine your decision..?
    Come on this is FUN QUESTION..i need something to smile about
    Hey don't worry I am keeping Moses for better or worse.
    Please answer the question what is your pick

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