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    Hi Everyone. My name is Becky and we have a 2 1/2 year old Black lab named Cooper. He is our pride and joy. He is a huge part of our family. My problem is Cooper has been sick. I am frustrated and need advice. He regressed back in August. My father-in-law became terminally ill and we were back and forth from from the hospital and Cooper got into the garbage. He also ate some toys. I know the garbage because he threw up my facial cleaning cloths. He has been throwing up intermittently since September. He has not been the same since he got into the garbage. After he throws up we remove his food and put him on hamburger and rice. He does well, then gets back on his regular food and he then throws up again after reaching his full cup amount. It has been a vicous cycle. We have taken him to the vet numerous times. They put him on numerous meds (anti-nausea meds, pepcid,amitriptyline for depression and now we have added an antibiotic) He has had xrays of his abdomen and chest all were normal. No obvious blockage however not everything shows up on xrays. I am actually an xray tech by trade and now this very well. They thought maybe a food sensitivity so they now have him on a special prescription diet that doesn't have any proteins that he could have an allergy to. He has thrown this up too. I took him to another vet yesterday for a second opnion and they all seem to say the same thing. Everything looks good on his bloodwork, xrays don't show an obvious blockage but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a partial blockage and he doesn't fit the bill for any other diseases that cause vomiting. I believe that there has to be a partial blockage. Here are my thoughts why: I believe that he does well on the hamburger and rice and then when we add food it swells with the addition and water and it pushes whatever is in his belly causing him to be blocked up 6-8 hours later he throws up a pile of food. I need help. I keep looking in those big brown eyes and they are telling me to help him. I want to and have tried. I keep telling him that we will figure this out. I need advice on how to proceed next. If any of you have been through something similar I would love to hear your story. Please help I am at my wits end. Thank you advance for listening to me.

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    That sounds awful. I cant believe one of the vets has not suggested exploratory surgery to see if there is something in there. It sounds like it could be a blockage. My friends lab ate a tennis ball once and they had to go in and get part of it out. I know surgery is a last resort but it seems you have tried everything else. Good luck. I worry about my new boy cuz he eats everything he can find.

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    Did you do a barium treatment to see that the digestive track is moving food through the system? Because x-rays don't always give a clear picture of a possible blockage, I would suggest a barium treatment as the next step.


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