I love my Chub and have had him since he was a little creature just newly born. Six were born and one died as he was delivered late and not promptly removed from his sack, he suffocated. Two others died from parvo. A very nasty disease prominent in the Philippines. However I was able to save one. So we ended up with three. Chub somehow as he was called became my favorite and in the end was a pet I fell in love with. We were always together. Even took afternoon sleeps together. Both him and Wrinky his brother eventually slept with both my wife and I all the time. We were a pack, I suppose, as most dog experts would say. A happy family. I will post pictures of them as soon as I can. At the moment as I am back in my own country. Chub passed away in his sleep at two years of age. He will not die as his pictures will live on forever and in my heart he will always be. A Lab is truly a magnificent creature. One that can give you so much in return.