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    Hi there! My name is Maribeth. I am the mom to a beautiful 4 month old, charcoal colored English Lab named Stella! Though we have had other dogs, Stella is our first Lab. I came across this page when doing a google search to find out what people are feeding. or have fed their Lab Puppies! Looking forward to finding my way around and getting some answers, and finding guidance through other Lab owners!

    Not sure if it's ok to post here,so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction if not - But I am wondering what foods have worked for others. Stella came home with us at 8 weeks eating Blue Seal puppy food, but that seems to make her very gassy - I have always hear that if a dog is excessively gassy, then something isn't right, and it may not be the food for them. We have slowly tired to transition her to Blue Buffalo puppy, as that was great for our other dog, but we got up to 50% blue seal, 50% blue buffalo to have Stella have completely liquid stools. I did notice it was "loose" when we started the slow transition, but was hoping it would sort itself out, obviously it's not the case and Blue Buffalo won't work for her. So, what is a good food to feed her seeing that she seems to have a sensitive belly, more than the normal "sensitive" that I know labs are known for to start with.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Maybe she is sensitive to dehidrated food generally. Many dogs are. My older dog is. He can eat only few of dehidrated food available, mostly lamb & rice.
    I'd try a good quality B.A.R.F. if available to you.
    My dogs seem to do well also with Purina Pro Plan Athletic and Royal Canin.


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