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    DefaultGreetings from downunder

    Hi folks
    Just visited this forum whilst searching for supplement advice and can't believe I haven't managed to stumble across it before. We were indoctrinated into the Labrador lifestyle 8.5 years ago with this little bundle, who we dubbed Henry:

    How the years have passed - Oh boy, they grow up so quick.

    Although we bought from a breeder which gave us full blood lines and supposedly had done all DNA testing, poor old Henry developed PRA and went progressively blind after the age of around four and a half. He's now completely lost all sight (since late last year) but continues on as if nothing as ever happened. Well, they do have a tough head and he proves it every day by bumping his way around the world, tail wagging and all. We still play fetch each day and I get a disgruntled "mega frown" if I'm too busy with work and can't meet his demanding schedule for the game he loves most.

    I'm sad he lost his sight, but I'm sure to him we smell just as wonderful as always and never seem to grow old. I certainly wouldn't change him for anything in this world. They are truly magnificent creatures which enrich our lives and I look forward to reading some of the stories that are sure to be lurking on the forum here.

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    Hi, I am down under to. Beautiful boy. My old dog was a Bichon Frieze, she went blind and lived a happy fulfilling life for years after she had no sight.

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    Henry's a very handsome guy. Welcome

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    Your boy is beautiful. Sorry about his sight. It's incredible how well they adapt. I had a black Pug that went blind after numerous eye ulcers. She was totally ball obsessed. When she went blind, I bought her a ball with a bell in it so she could chase after the sound of the bell. The vet told me not to move anything in the house as she already knew the layout & could navigate around things. When she went outside, the other dogs would act as her guide dogs. It was amazing to watch.

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    Similarly, we had a blind horse ! Did you know that people still ride and compete with a blind horse as well ?

    She could wend her way up the field to her feed bowl with millimetre precision as well without bumping into a single fence post.

    Your pup is beautiful ! Such a shame when they lose a sense like that !

    BTW - You aren't down under for Deena and Garth ! Just saying !

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    Welcome. I loved your post, it warmed my heart. Henry is a beautiful boy!
    Todd, Yellow Lab, 1/4/13
    Mr. Utley, Welsh Corgi, 2/20/02

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