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    hi everyone im new on here just like to introduce myself my name is russ and ive just bought myself a 8week old chocolate lab male and named him coco any hints and tips on how to give him the best life possible would be gratefully received.well ive had him a week so 9 week old ive got him use to going outside already.he loves his snuggles up on the sofa but sometimes he wees while lying at the side of me just wondered if this was natural wen there pups is it just a idol phase hes going through good job its a leather sofa ive got lol.most times he will get up and whine to let me know he wants to go out only a couple of times hes done a wee while lying down hope someone could advise me.thanks for reading please let me know what u think of his pictures
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    He's very cute!! Welcome.

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    Welcome Russ! Coco is very cute! With a 9 week old, its a matter of never leaving them out of your sight, unless crated. I took mine out every 10 minutes or so while he was awake until I could recognize the signs, sniffing, circling, squatting. My pup is 7 months now. He never peed while laying with me. If he has an all clear on any urinary tract infections, you may want to make sure Coco pottys before he lays with you. My pup, Todd, didn't whine to go out for a few months. And, in the evenings when he was most active, he was a peeing machine! Have fun with him!
    Todd, Yellow Lab, 1/4/13
    Mr. Utley, Welsh Corgi, 2/20/02

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    I too (yesterday) adopted a lab. I was making my bed and she hopped right on up and peed on it. Not sure what that was all about, but I am sure the stress of being in a different environment may have something to do with it. Good luck!!! He is adorable!!!

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