HI Ont Canada here
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Thread: HI Ont Canada here

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    DefaultHI Ont Canada here

    Hello, we have just had our new lab for a few days. He's a 9 wk old Chocolate Boy we named Buster. He has a Border collie sister(17) who right now isnt all that impressed hopefully we can convince her otherwise..

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    Welcome. Can't wait to see a picture of Buster. Congrats on your new baby boy

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    Welcome, I'm further west from you. Congrats and can hardly wait for pics
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    Hello and welcome! My lab, Todd, is 7 months old and I have an 11 year old welsh corgi, Mr. Utley, that wasn't too impressed either. My boxer mix died 2 years ago, and my Corgi loved her. I really didn't think about how much he had aged when I brought Todd home, I just thought the corgi would love him too. My corgi is very lax and never really disciplined Todd when he would have a rough go at him, so I learned to just monitor their play to protect my corgi by redirecting Todd. Todd is finally getting it I think and they do love each other. He still can get a little rough, but I give Utley the protection he needs...and of course some extra special attention. I also keep Todd socialized with other dogs that are more on his level. Every now and then, the spark will return to Utley and he will have a go at Todd! Good luck, I know it can be stressful at times, but it gets better!
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    Welcome fellow Canadian!
    Jackson (3 years old) and Febie (b. March 27,2013)

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