New to Choco Labs, adopted a 5/6 year old on Monday.
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Thread: New to Choco Labs, adopted a 5/6 year old on Monday.

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    CoolNew to Choco Labs, adopted a 5/6 year old on Monday.

    Good afternoon

    My name is Lindsey (user name Legs is an acronym for the first initials of my 4 person family). I first fell in love with a Chocolate Lab named Sugar we met at a friend's house in Louisiana. My husband and I didn't even want a dog again until I saw a beautiful, sweet male Choco on the facebook page of my hometown's pound. By the description, he sounded like quite the sweetheart. We immediately adopted him! Thought he was 2 1/2 according to the pound. Come to find out, he's 5 or 6 years old. He's being spoiled, had a complete vet check, shots, and preventative meds. We are in love.

    I came here, because I've never owned a lab before. I'm sure you all will be very helpful with our new journey.


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    Welcome Lindsey. So glad you rescued that boy. You are in for some fun times and many happy years to come! Hope to see pictures of him soon!
    Todd, Yellow Lab, 1/4/13
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    Thanks for rescuing a dog!
    This forum is a Know-it-all forum. Post on your own risk. Beware of being preached by a group of dog owners here.

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