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    Hi to everyone. I have a 2month old male lab pup and my daughter has named her rosco... i had posted a thread yesterday also but as i am unable to find it so i m posting it again. I have some serious points to be discussed and need some guidance from the experienced ones out there.
    As my mom was opposed to dogs i have keep him leashed for the major part of the day. He bites anyone who tries to play with him and this generally happens in the evenings.
    Is keepings him in crate or cage better than keeping him tied?
    Can i seek help of professional trainers to improve his behaviour.

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    he's a puppy. puppies nip. everyone needs to be on board and work with him to teach him that is inappropriate.

    puppies need to run and play. if he is leashed and crate all day he is not getting enough play time or stimulation which will make him more bitey.

    read thru this thread, there should be posts on stopping the nipping - but it will NOT happen over night, it will take weeks and months and everyone must work together.

    And no, it is not good to keep a puppy crated/caged all day. that is not a good life for a puppy. It is very good to crate him when you must leave the house or cannot watch him but he should not live his life in the crate/cage.
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