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    DefaultNew here!

    Hi all,

    My wife and I moved from New Zealand to Uganda, Africa around 7 months ago and as soon as we got settled in (we manage an island "resort" in the middle of the Nile river) we started looking for an addition to our family.
    A friend of ours heard that we were looking around and they have 2 Labs. One escaped their compound one night and had a good ol' time in the local village and returned....pregnant. Our friend put the word out to all the mates as soon as the pups were old enough and we decided to go have a look.
    We left with a furry, black ball of energy and teeth. The Lab gene is very strong and the only remnants (so far) of his village-blood is 4 white paws and a white stripe down his chest. The rest is all Lab.

    The wife and I debated for about 2 or 3 days as to what name suits the little tyke. In the end, he chose his name for himself as we were feeding him one morning. Hoover.

    Things are going really well and he is learning the basics really quickly. He is around 9 weeks old now and I think he is starting to teethe as he is chewing on anything he can get hold of.

    Anyway, we are really stoked with him and he is slotting into island life (great swimmer!) really well.

    Chat soon. (I'm sure we'll need some advice in the very near future!)
    LPJ, Wife and Hoover

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    Love the name. Can't wait to see a picture of him! You've found the right place for advice. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here.

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    Congrats on the pup, great name.

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    Love the name. Congrats on your new family member.


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