Hello from Birmingham, UK!
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Thread: Hello from Birmingham, UK!

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    DefaultHello from Birmingham, UK!

    Good Morning all,

    Firstly, thanks to the guys here who sorted out my account. I have been registered a few days but unable to post. So thank you whoever you are

    Secondly, my introduction!

    My name is Chris I am 26 and I am from Birmingham in the UK.

    My partner Jessica and I adopted a Black Labrador Cross from the RSPCA last year her name was Lisa, however this is the name of my Ex partner so I decided that it best we rename her.

    Her name is now Oreo, and we were told she was five years old. However, it seems upon further investigation via problems with her microchip she maybe a little older than we first thought and most likely closer to 7. However, we love her to bits so we are not too upset but we do feel a little mislead.

    Oreo has settled in very well and taken to her new life like a duck to water. Sadly, she has had an allergy issue (which I will post about in another thread) which has stopped her from being fully happy.

    We are about to embark on our first training class together on Sunday, and I am looking forward to it.

    I love to learn about dogs and I like forums so I thought I'd sign up here

    Anyway, that's me.

    I look forward to speaking to some of you soon

    Chris (cadac21)

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    Welcome Chris and apologies again for the sign up problems.

    You are doing exactly the right thing in taking her to training and now we need photos ! !

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    Not a problem just glad to be on now

    She is generally a well behaved dog, however she does get a little excited when walked and pulls a lot on her lead, hence we feel training would be the best way to get her to 'calm down'.

    Here is one picture of her. As you can see she is not 100% lab but I like to think she is


    I will post some more pictures when I have resized them and uploaded them to somewhere.


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