New member with an old yellow in Lake County, Illinois
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Thread: New member with an old yellow in Lake County, Illinois

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    DefaultNew member with an old yellow in Lake County, Illinois

    Good evening!

    I'm new here--our nine yr. old yellow Lab, Wacte Kola, goofed something up yesterday while running in the snow. Since then, she's completely lame in her left rear leg. Won't put weight on it whatsoever, hopping everywhere. She's happy as ever--she actually thought we would be going for our afternoon hike at the river today even though she couldn't walk. Typical Lab refusal to concede defeat of any kind.

    I should have looked for a place like this nine years ago when she was a puppy--but never thought of it til today when I was trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong with her, though I have the suspicion that it's ACL related.

    My question is this: Our vet, Dr. Baumann in Wauconda, retired about three years ago. We're lost without him. We trusted everything he told us and truly would have seen him for our own healthcare if we could have. That's the really awful thing about an amazing vet--they're impossible to replace. I have been to two vets since he retired and am really unimpressed so far. The two vets I have seen are okay...just not what Baumann was. His prices were awesome, his care and attention was amazing. Each vet I have seen since (actually three, including his replacement) is nice enough but seems hell bent on medicating, vaccinating, testing, and generally messing with Kola. Does anyone in this area have a recommendation?

    Many thanks, and have a peaceful evening,


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    I don't live in your area but just wanted to say I hope your girl is ok. Personally I would look for an ortho vet as it sounds like you may be needing one. I comoletely understand your frustration in looking for a new vet. I had to do this almost 2 years ago, (for much different reasons), and it was really hard. We finally hit the jackpot on try #6! So be patient, the right one will come along. But, the sooner you get this injury looked at, the better.
    I am hoping there ate some forum members in your area that may be able to help you. Good luck!
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