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    Hello everyone. We lost the last of our two beloved springer spaniels a year ago, and were finally ready to welcome a puppy into our family. We bought a lovely little guy about 2 1/2 weeks ago and named him Bean. I was a bit worried earlier due to some growling issues, and put the cart before the horse and posted in the training section first. Things are on track, with the advice that I received there. Bean is a very smart puppy. We have sit down, and are working on down and recall. We had worked on fetch, while Bean does like the tennis ball, he loooooves a stick, the bigger the better. We have one in the yard that he keeps trying to get. It has to weigh as much as he does. He will try to drag the stick, and after a while, give up and chew on it. Anyway, he seems pretty good at turning as the camera is flashing. I have lots of pics of the side and rear end of him The one below was taken while we were in the parking lot. I would like to say again thanks for the advice. We have puppy class this weekend and I hope to have a pic of the front half of him to post.

    Forum Bean.jpg

    And today, on Bean's lunch break, (I head home on my lunch hour so he can have an outy and some lunch I was rewarded with a nice picture. He has gotten the hang of "Sit". Sorry about the quality of the pics. My phone is a couple of years old.

    Bean sits nicely for the forum pic.jpg
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