New lab owners from PA!
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Thread: New lab owners from PA!

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    SmileNew lab owners from PA!

    Hi everyone! I'm Jessi, my fiance Adrian and I are soon to be first time lab owners, and are so excited! We have done hours and hours of research, but came here so that we can get advice as we're going through the stages with our lab! We are getting a chocolate american bred field lab, due around 1/30/13! We chose an American lab for the high energy level, because we wanted a dog to keep up with our active lifestyle. We are all about hiking, camping, running, swimming- basically everything outdoors. I think the training process is definitely going to be a challenge, but it will be so worth it. We have almost everything we need so far, just need to figure out which obedience puppy classes we are going to decide on, and are beginning to look into pet insurance. My workplace offers VPI. Does anyone here insure their lab, or have any experience with the different insurances? We are looking forward to meeting you all and introducing you to our future puppy!

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    Welcome and can't wait to see pictures of your bundle of fur joy. I just found this site by accident a few months ago, and have learned so much. There is a lot of experience here and people are very helpfull. Good luck on your puppy. Congrats!!!

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    We also have a chocolate lab and are from New Jersey. So, hi neighbor

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    congrats on the new addition

    remember not to start running with your lab until they have finished growing (2 years of age) and take it easy with the hiking during that time as well. You want to keep a puppy active but with exercises that are easy on the joints (free play on soft surfaces/swimming) in order to avoid issues long term. It isn't about the dog not being ABLE to follow can, but that it can damage growing joints. Once they are 18-24 months of age you can start with a run-walk program and more vigorous hikes.
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