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    DefaultFirst time poster to this site--hello!

    My name is Nancy (NanM) and I live near Syracuse, NY and 10 m iles south of Lake Ontario. I am an experienced dog owner and recently lost the last of my pack of 4 Siberian huskies. I had a half Lab years ago and have always planned to get another Lab someday. I had no intention of getting any new dog so soon after the death of my last Sibe, on January 12. However, there is an "oops" litter very near my home and I am going to see them this evening. I want a small, black female but fully understand another puppy might really be "the one." Living where I do, in a small home that I share with two cats, introducing a puppy at any time will be a big undertaking. (My Sibes were kennel dogs and NEVER came inside due to their high prey drive.) My cats have never seen a dog except through a window. I am very concerned that getting a 6 week old puppy (the owners believe they are old enough and want to sell them now) in this terrible cold will make house training difficult. Right now it is 10 degrees and windy. Can such a young puppy be taken outside for potty breaks? My Sibes loved this weather but I am sure a Lab has to be a house dog in such a cold climate.

    I am going to start reading some posts now and learn about raising a young puppy. All but one of my my previous dogs were rescues and at least 12 months when I adopted them. I did get a Dalmatian puppy in May back in the 60s and taking her outside was not a problem then.


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    welcom to the board, sorry for your loss.

    labs are not husky's. they are indoor dogs, they don't do well outside during any temperatures. So do plan on having the lab indoors unless you are outside with him (and some play sessions outside once he is older if yo uwant)

    6 weeks IS too young. but that's what happens when people who don't know better have an oops litter, they take shortcuts. puppies are A LOT of work at that age so that is why they want to get rid of them. Or they didn't bother to do some reading when the litter arrived.

    Yes aboslutely take him outside for potty breaks, but you will have to be out there with him to ensure he goes, then bring him in.

    get a crate. when you cannot actively supervise the puppy they should be crated. this ensures they do not pee everywhere and chew every thing. during houes training, the crate should be just big enough for the puppy to get up and turn around (you can get a divider so you only get one big crate). But you need to get them outside often to pee.

    supervise the cats and the puppy. redirect if he chases them. if you post in lab chat or training members with cats can be helpful. they can aboslutely learn to co-exist if you train.
    make sure the cats have a safe place to escape the puppy, use baby gates and other things like that to help.
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    DefaultThanks, Tanya

    I went to see the little puppy today and she was adorable, but definitely not equiped to go out in the winter cold. She was only about a third of the size of my smaller cat! Her owners said just paper train her but I have a house with the stupid "open concept" and there is no way to keep her off the extensive carpet. She was so tiny and sweet that I told the owners if she hadn't been placed by spring I would love to take her then. She licked my face and I melted I doubt she will still be available so I am planning to do some serious looking for a rescue when it gets warmer. I hope to rescue/adopt a young, female black puppy at that time but if I can't find "my" puppy in rescue I will next consider a male or even an older dog. I will also consider a half Lab as long as it is small and I am comfortable with the other half's breed. It absolutely has to have the Lab temperament. I will ask my vet and local SPCA to keep me in mind. I am willing to drive to any place in NY, eastern PA and all of New England to get the best puppy for me and the home I have to offer.


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