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    DefaultHi everyone!!

    Hey guys! I joined the forum in hope to get some tips and to learn the wisdom of other lab-owners. I adopted a 1.5 years old yellow lab recently, about three months ago when I found him on the road. We looked and asked around but nobody knew who's dog it was, and nobody called to get him back. No wonder, because he was so thin when I found him he hardly could run. A couple weeks later (I wasn't able to go earlier) we went to the vet to check if he had a microchip. When I found out he didn't I was really happy, as he already grew dear to me. He's such a delight! He's all fine now, he got more weight, he's healthy and the most important he's very happy here. I named him Max. I simply LOVE him, there's no better dog I'll post some pictures later as I don't have any uploaded on my computer.

    Oh and yes, I'm from Croatia

    I hope to make many friends on the forums!

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    Congratulations...nice story. I'm happy for you and Max.


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