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    Been posting some questions on here and now I really need some advice, we purchased a chocolate lab puppy, we were told that the mom, which was there was a purebred chocolate lab, and the dad a purebred yellow lab, but no papers. When we first went to look and pick her out, they were only 2 1/2 weeks old and their eyes had just opened. Of course they look a bit "weird". Now that they are 4 weeks old, I do not think that the chocolate pups look like purebred labs, they have faces very similar to wrinkle pups and we are not sure if we are actually get a purebred, which is all we want. we do not want a mix. we have a 4 year old purebred (with papers) yellow lab and this one does not look anything like her (and neither does it look like an English lab either) How can I tell for sure? I do not want to be duped, and I've only put down a small deposit so would like to figure this out soon.

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    You may want to post this in Lab Chat as it will get more traffic.

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