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    Quote Originally Posted by Garth View Post
    Firstly thanks so much for all you're doing for her. It sounds like she couldn't be in better hands. I truly despise some people for they way they treat animals. Hopefully karma will catch up with them & teach them a lesson.

    You could try adding an article of clothing with your scent on it in her bed. Also, could you get her one of those soft stuffy toys to snuggle up to? I would avoid anything with a squeaker at this stage in case she pulls it apart & swallows the squeaker. That would go some way to compensating for the rest of her litter. Also if you can get one of those ticking alarm clocks & wrap it in a towel, it's supposed to simulate their mothers heartbeat. Big thing to remember if you do that is make sure the alarm isn't set or it will give the poor thing a heart attack if it goes off!

    I would also keep her crate in the bedroom at night. You can probably expect a few sleepless nights with her crying until she settles down. Labs crave human company so the closer she can be to you the better.

    Good luck with her. Please keep us updated re her progress & post lots of pics of her growing up.
    thank you so much for the tips!!! I will absolutely be trying those tonight!

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    Forgot to mention if all else fails, the human bed is usually a pretty good pacifier.

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