Hello from Syracuse!! (Any advice to finding a good breader??)
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Thread: Hello from Syracuse!! (Any advice to finding a good breader??)

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    DefaultHello from Syracuse!! (Any advice to finding a good breader??)

    Hey everyone,

    We have an amazing, cuddly, affectionate, and beautiful 3 year old, black Lab named Zoey. She is our first Lab, and quite frankly I don't know how I lived all my life without one.

    My hubby and I decided to add another labby to the family, and I was wondering if anyone either has any recommendations about a reputable breeder or can give me some pointers on what to look for. We just moved to Syracuse (central NY) and are looking within about a 200 mile radius (Zoey was from a breeder back in SC who isn't having another litter until the end of next year).

    When we look for a breeder, we definitely want to check out the parents and facility and do know to make sure about the clearances. We love the blocky, English Labs. One of my questions is what else to look for. I found a breeder that sells its dogs for $500 which I think seems low. Then I found a breeder that seemed good, selling puppies for $2500. I started researching what warrants their high price. Their website said their dogs are from champion linage, and they are a breeder of merit. But when I googled them, some controversies on this forum here came up, which is why I signed up with you fellow lab-lovers. Now I'm confused, to be honest. I'm neither intending to show or breed my dog... just looking for a new, healthy, and loving member to our family. And yes, I do admit... I wouldn't mind our puppy to be pretty either hehe

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    My advice to you is to keep on looking for the right breeder no matter how long it takes it will be worth your while in the long run . If your going to pay top dollar for him\her I suggest you research that breeder to see if its justified .
    Now that I think about it I suggest you wait to get another dog from the same litter as the last one because you already know its temprement and the breeder so what if you wait a year ? It will be worth it as you already know what your getting

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    A lot of people on this forum will know a lot more about finding a breeder than I do but $2500 seems really high to me. Around here (northern New England) the average price for a lab from a well respected kennel is about $1500. I currently know of a litter at the moment and my boy just did a breeding yesterday so if you want to travel further than your radius, pm me and I'll give you the details.
    (And before the comments, Ben is pointed in both the US and Canada, has all his health clearances, 3 pups from his first litter are being shown and one is pointed in the US and has his Canadian Championship. The bitch's owner does show and she's had all her clearances although she was only shown as a puppy)

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