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    DefaultHi newbie here

    Hey everyone! New to the site! Getting new chocolate pup at end of January! So excited! Almost like having a baby! Since I have small kids (3 and 1), I know first hand! First time having large breed dog so I am learning new stuff every day. This site is great for information. From everything I have researched I think I am making the best decision in getting a lab for the kids. I know it's like having another baby so I'm a little nervous too! Will keep you updated when we get the new fur baby! Thinking about naming her Miss Coco Chanel! What do you think?

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    Welcome. Having such young children and adding a Lab to the family will require a lot of work on your part. Lab puppies are extremely mouthy and can unintentionally hurt a young child if you are not prepared and on top of the puppy at all times. I would definitely get in to a puppy k class as soon as possible. Hopefully you have done enough research and the parents of your new puppy have been cleared for all genetic issues and you have chosen an experienced and reputable breeder. There is plenty of info on this forum to help guide you. Good luck, I have no doubt you will be glad you decided on a Lab!
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    Welcome, and I agree with everything Tammy said. It's going to be rough but if you follow her advice things should work out fine. Good luck and like you I'm getting my new puppy the first week of February.

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