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    DefaultHello from Tennessee

    Just wanted to do a quick intro. My name is Barry and my 4 month old newly adopted Lab is a female named Hailey. We got her on Sunday (nov 10th) . She was kept outside up until we brought her home, so I expected some hard work with housebreaking but Im happy to report its going well with no accidents in the last 2 days.Of course it helps that this isnt my first rodeo. Im 49 years old and have trained many a puppy.

    She has also learned quite well that sitting after entering the house for lease removal results in a treat and I havent had to give her the sit command the last couple times.

    I dont believe the previous owner cared enough to put in the work as she wouldnt even respond to her name when called, but she is learning that now also. The next two months training will be the standard puppy stuff. House breaking, house rules, sit,stay and manners on the lease. Come spring after we have a good foundation on obedience then we'll begin retrieval training in serious form. She already has figured out that if she brings the ball back I'll throw it again so I think when the real training starts it will go smoothly.

    Anyway, love the forum and all the great knowledge and info.

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    Welcome, congrats on the new addition!

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    Welcome to the Board !

    Thanks for rescuing !
    Buddy 11

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    Thank you for adopting. It is sad that some people that get dogs don't have any real interest in them. Unfortunately many owners are like that and pups only get one chance to be pups. I am so sad for these pups that do not get to experience the love that comes from a devoted family. We look forward to more photos. Welcome and enjoy the forum.
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