Hello from N.Idaho limp tail...again.
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Thread: Hello from N.Idaho limp tail...again.

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    DefaultHello from N.Idaho limp tail...again.


    My name is Brent, I live in north idaho with my yellow lab "Muff". Muff is almost 2 and has been my buddy since the day he started walking.
    My employer decided to try his hand at breeding and the result was everyone got too attached at work and took them home .
    Muff and I have driven all over the place together, that pup probably logged more miles in his first 3 months of life (1 month of riding) than most dogs do in a life time, point of the story, we are pretty much joined at the hip, or the calf in my case and the front shoulder in his.
    Muff has been in "training" to be a duck dog since he had the attention span to retrieve paper towels in the shop at work, its pretty much been an ongoing, daily thing for us ever since.
    Muff hunted his first time at 9 months, made a couple retrieves, which I think is great, thats just a couple more i didn't have to retrieve myself. Last year muff and I were living out of state so we only got to hunt once, which is ok, but he ended up with limp tail syndrome. After a few days it passed and he was fine. He got it again in the spring time and once again this last weekend duck hunting. Im not sure if its the cold water, him leaping into the water, stress, being in the back of the truck afterwards, or a combination that's doing it to him. That is why I am here, researching the tail. He is about as pathetic as they come right now, and hes grumpy. hes laying in the bed and growling if i move my foot, not even touching him, just moving it. hehehe

    My question isn't really how to fix it, but more of a how to prevent it from happening? This dog is by no means a lazy bum, and he is 100% wide open all day long when he is outside, he is fast, he is in great physical condition, and we regularly exercise and swim. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas that might help him out in the future?

    anyways this is more of an introduction thread than a ask for help, but I appreciate your responses in advance. Thanks!


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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Limber tail/cold tail is nt something you can prevent. Some Labs never get it, some get it repeatedly. one of mine as had it 4 times, mostly associated with cold water.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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