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Thread: Oldie, but goodie!

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    DefaultOldie, but goodie!

    I know there are some here that will remember me from years back when we did our 1st Lab Calendar. There was Paddysmom, Bob Pr., and many others. My yellow lab, Rudy, made the month of March (believe it or not I still have it). Didn't do another calendar after that as I think I got involved with my family's life and dropped most of the posting I used to do. Over the years though I have returned to see what is happening here and I have seen so many new names. This is a wonderful place to go to share your love for your Labs and to make new friends or to find out what ails your dog. You are not alone here in how you feel about your Labs.
    So whether you are like me, an Oldie, remember the door is always open for the Goodie!


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    I don't know if I remember your user name or not. But welcome back

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