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    Hi everyone!
    Three months ago, we said goodbye to our amazingly wonderful yellow lab, Darby. He was just shy of his 11th birthday when his kidneys failed. We are finally, finally able to think about bringing another puppy into our family. We're empty nesters (recently!) in the foothills above/near Los Angeles.
    We bought Darby from Windy Valley Labs out in Lancaster, CA -- but it seems as though they are no longer there. Unfortunately.
    Does anyone out there have the name/contact information of reputable, trustworthy lab folks in So. California?

    Thanks so much!
    Jim & Diana

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    Welcome to the forum! Your title reads like an ad on a personals page! LOL!!

    Here is a good place to start.

    Member Services Directory That's a link to the breeder directory for the Lab Club for Southern California.

    And then there is Hyspire which is north of you. I have a Hyspire dog - really lovely Labs. q HYSPIRE LABRADORS q
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    Thanks for the info. Yeah, that kennel is quite a way away from us way down here in So Cal. But I'll check the registry/directory and see who else is a bit closer. Thanks again!

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