Preparing for a new puppy
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Thread: Preparing for a new puppy

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    DefaultPreparing for a new puppy

    We will have a lab puppy join our family in the Spring of 2013. We are so excited, but are anxious to learn as much as we can about minimizing damage to our home/ property. We would be committed to crate training and lots of outdoor supervised exercise and fun with two little boys, but because we rent our home would want to prepare for typical doggie damages. Any advice would be appreciated as we plan for our new puppy! Look forward to reading posts here and learning lots.


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    Welcome!! If you go to the training forum it has a lot of tips :-)
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    Welcome! You have a long wait! I am too impatient! I am glad you found a breeder to trust and have figured the way you want to go.

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    Congrats on your choice. It will be a long wait. I think that with a crate the least you could expect in the yard is a bit of digging. They love anything that they can tug on. Hoses, water lines. Any electric cords. They are so worth it.
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    Thanks so much for the welcomes and the pics of your gorgeous dogs! I agree, the wait seems long. Looks as though we just missed the Fall litters from the reputable breeders in the area, so the best we could do was get on a list for Spring. I keep hearing that going through the local paper for "backyard" breeders can be a gamble with temperament and health, but would love any of your thoughts on this. I know there are faster and less expensive ways of obtaining a sweet pup...

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