Hi, am new here but have question on my Lab
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Thread: Hi, am new here but have question on my Lab

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    DefaultHi, am new here but have question on my Lab

    Hi, we have a blonde female Lab that is 3 yrs old and is our first Lab. Two weeks ago, I rescued an 8 wk old part Lab from a trash bag that had falled off a pick up truck. She is very playful but our Amber still will not accept her. Amber snarls and snaps at her whenever Peaches tries to play or even lick her. Is this a trait of Lab's, to be so possessive of us (or better yet my Husband)?

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    no. labs are known to be friendly and good natured. not agressively protective.

    was she socialised with other dogs? had you ever had another dog visit the house? has she met any puppies along the years?

    is she just correcting the puppy or hurting it?

    some dogs find puppies very annoying and can be mean at fisrt. keep the puppy safe and give your older pup a place to get away to and some one on one time. but if she is over-correcting the puppy do correct her.
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    Often it is just a way for the older lab to show the younger one they don't appreciate certain activities and to lay down the ground rules so to speak. Pup can be hard on the older dogs with nipping and such. Just keep an eye on things and make sure they are supervised when together for the time being. You can also help avoid conflicts by doing things like feeding older dog 1st then feeding pup afterwards.

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    Does she feel that the pup is getting attention that should be hers. I think that the two posts above gave you good info. I cannot believe some people, ... throwing away puppies in the garbage. Makes you wonder if there were other bags and other puppies. So sad. Welcome to the forum. I hope things work out for this poor little soul.
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