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    Hello everyone.Great site! I am anxiously awaiting my first lab pup. The litter is not due until september though. I have done, what I thought was thorough research about my breeder, but I do have one concern. I put a deposit down for a black male because that's what the breeder said they were going to have. As it turns out, they bred two yellows. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that there is any way to get a black pup from two yellows. The breeder said that because it is show season, they could not get their first choice of sire. I originally had first choice of black male, but now I got bumped to second yellow. I'm ok with a yellow male, but I just have a feeling that this is shady... Am I being paranoid? or should I ask for my deposit back and look elsewhere.

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    From a website. is info below. I had thought that two yellows could produce a black but apparently that is not so according to that info. Some of the breeders on this site will know for sure. I would share your concern, it all depends on what the breeder said to you in the 1st place. If they made it clear they may or may not be able to get you a black then that seems more honest than if they said. Black male? No problem you will get one. If they essentially sold you on a black male and then act casually about the change after the fact I might be tempted to look elsewhere. In any case, black or yellow or choco it is usually the owner that determines how great of a dog they have. If you had your heart set on a black male and your time table is flexible about when to get a lab I would sorry, thanks but no thanks. I want a black male.

    "Predicting the colour of Labrador puppies

    Trying to work out what colours Labrador puppies will be is difficult without knowing the parent’s genotype, because as you can see, the second dog down the list may look black but he could throw brown puppies, and the fourth dog down the list may look black, but he could throw yellow puppies. The fifth dog down the list is also black but he could throw yellow or brown puppies.

    All you can be sure of with Labrador colour is that two yellow Labradors will never throw brown or black puppies because yellow dogs do not possess the gene which switches off the masking effect, and two brown dogs will never throw black puppies because brown dogs do not have the black gene.

    In all other cases the colour of puppies produced by a dog would depend on the genotype of the dog to which it was mated.

    Nowadays, if a Labrador breeder wants to know the exact genotype of her lab, she can have a genetic test carried out which will reveal which of the above genetic codes is carried by her dog."

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    No, you can't get a black pup from 2 yellows.

    So are they saying that the first choice stud was out at dog shows and they couldn't get the AI done, so they opted for a second choice stud, which is yellow?? This isn't actually a BS reason if it's true.

    Depending on the breeder, it's probably OK, as long as they have done all clearances on the parents...and it seems like they show or at least look at studs from breeders that show their boys. Do they show their girls??

    If the breeder does all the clearances, and the 2nd choice sire is a good one, and you are happy with Yellow, you should be fine.

    I guess it really depend on who the breeder is.

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