New Puppy! SO NERVOUS!
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Thread: New Puppy! SO NERVOUS!

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    DefaultNew Puppy! SO NERVOUS!


    Next Friday we plan to pick up our Lab pup! He will be 8 weeks old on the day we pick him up. My parents had outside dogs when I was younger and I have no experience with dogs. Thankfully, my hubby has experience. My children (7 and 5) loved the pup when we met him a week ago. I have done SO much research so I think I am book smart... hoping I can apply what I've learned. We chose the Lab because of all of the GREAT things. Just hoping and praying we do 'right' by him so that he grows up nicely.

    Puppy training classes will start promptly at 10 weeks and crate training will commence on day one. I am worried about the biting (me and the children :-)) ) , but will be consistent as possible.

    Will post pics soon.

    I am almost as nervous as I was when planning to try for our first human baby!! LOL!

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    Congratulations and welcome!
    Maxx & Emma Jean
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    Welcome to the board! Congratulations on your puppy... so exciting!! And great job at your research, sounds like you have everything in order

    Post pics as soon as you can!!

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    You will do just fine. Just remember the 1st couple of weeks are the tough part for puppy and owners. Once you get passed bawling at night issues and get well into house training it is all gravy. The mouthing and nipping will be a bit of an issue to start probably but that will get better too. You and your kids are going to have years of joy with a loyal friend who is happy no matter what.

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