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    DefaultHi from England, UK

    Hi everyone,

    We've recently acquired a new addition to our family, Megan.

    She is a 10 week old yellow lab and is a very much loved part of our family :-)

    We have had her almost a week, she has her crate to sleep in and has almost got the hang of toilet training, we have had a few little accidents but I suppose that's to be expected!

    Here is a picture of her with her collar (we try to get her to wear this for a little while whilst outside so she can get used to wearing it for when she can go out for walks after having all her injections).

    This is our first lab, my partner has had labs before, however I am completely new to this, so any tips / advice are much appreciated.

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    She's a beauty! Welcome to our forum!

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    How sweet! Welcome to the forum!
    Expect the potty training to have a few set backs along the way - my recollection is that it usually takes until 16 weeks or so until their body is mature enough to have more complete control

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    Awwww, she is adorable! Welcome, enjoy your new baby!
    Maxx & Emma Jean
    Ozzy - 10/16/02 - 06/28/11 - Always in my heart.

    Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go - but learning to start over.

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    Thanks everyone.

    Main thing i'm a bit unsure about at the moment is how long she should be out playing for - I've read they need a lot of sleep as pups and i'm worried about 'over playing' with her, especially as they are prone to joint problems?

    She has an ever growing collection of Kong and Nylabone toys, she has a squeaky Kong bone that she loves fetching and bringing back to you and she has almost learnt to sit on command, just got to keep going at it.

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    5 minutes per month old so at the moment about 10 minutes I would say but wandering around the garden isn't necessarily a bad thing !!

    This only really comes into forced exercise when she is out for walks !

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