*Waves* Hi, I'm back
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    I moved to Banbury in Oxfordshire in 1993,prior to that I llived in Birkenhead,Cheshire

    Default*Waves* Hi, I'm back

    Not that anyone will have noticed I haven't been around. Dinozzo, bless him, is as laid back as ever - just as well because MadMax is aptly named! He's a typical JRT (or, as a friend called him a 'terrier-ist' ) and I've had quite a difficult time with him...but I think we're beginning to make progress; the garden may never recover though . There have been many times when I've wondered if we were the right people for him but he's part of the family and I'm afraid he's stuck with us. Still, a lot of hard work later and he's beginning to settle down. Thank goodness for one very placid Lab who has tolerated a puppy who was described by the vet as 'giving a whole new meaning to hyperactive even by JRT standards!' I'm sure Parson Jack Russell would be proud of this little example of the breed he began; I'm sure Max could hunt all day and never get tired! Except in front of the fire with his 'big bro'

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    Welcome back! Sounds like things are going well, cute siggy pic!

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    I remember you! Welcome back.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.


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