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    I just joined today..I am looking into getting a lab. My father has brittneys so I am getting the water dog. I don't know what kind to get. A pointing lab or regular or even what the difference is. I am looking for a great hunting dog and a family dog. Does anyone know of good breeders located near south east pa? Or what to look for in a blood line? Thanks

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    "pointing labs" are nto really a line of labs. Some labs have a hint of natural pointing ability but this isn't something labs usually do. If you want a pointer to hunt with there are plenty of breeds that point.

    When looking for a breeder make sure they do ALL health clearances, as the breed is unfortunately prone to many health issues. these are not done during regular vet visits and you cannot tell a dog is "perfectly healthy" by looking at them. These are specific tests doen on both parents prior to deciding to breed them. Hips, elbows, eyes, heart, EIC, CMN. For hunting partner I recommend a breeder that either competes in hunt or field trials to prove their dogs or actually hunts (with both dogs - female dogs should not just be there to breed puppies, they should be active!).

    Start by looking at the hunt or retriever club for your area, that would be a great place to start.
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    Welcome. Good Luck with your puppy hunt
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