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    DefaultNew here - Meet Keely

    Hi there - we have had Keely for just a couple weeks. She's a beautiful Fox Red with green eyes and light nose and paws. We knew that we wouldn't be able to show her but we just needed a new family member. We had been without a lab for just under a month as our old guy Duke had to be put down as he couldn't do the stairs anymore. Keely has filled that void and then some!

    Since we got Duke from a Lab Rescue, we never had him as a puppy. So how long does the puppy biting last? We distract her with chew toys...she's 11.5 weeks old now.
    Thanks in advance for any advice....
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    she is gorgeous!

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    welcome she is beautiful!



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    Nice pup. Sorry about your old boy. They are really hard to replace. The biting was anoying but you stop thinking about it and it will eventually go away. It was not too long as I recall but to put a time on it I just cannot remember. Welcome to the forum.
    Judy and Jack

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