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    Hello to everyone. This forum looks very informative so I wanted to join to share my story, get advice and hopefully give some as well. My grandparents are in there mid 70's and had two labs since they were puppies. Recently they both passed away so they wanted to get another lab. They went to a lab rescue and rescued a "3 year old" yellow lab who is so adorable and loveable. Well 3 weeks later they just cant handle him. They took him to get all his shots, and the vet guessed him to be 1.5-2 years old. He is just to hyper for them so in short time me and my girlfriend took him because we have been wanting a dog anyway.

    Hanks great, he sits, seems like a very smart dog with just a few problems. This isn't so much of a problem but hes a love bug! He always has to be by you. If you are sitting down and not petting him he will lift his front legs up and keep hitting you with them to get attention, to the point it hurts and he will keep doing it. Also while doing this he will try to nip you, nothing hard like he just wants to play, but we have to break him of these habits. I would assume hes doing this because he is still very young and just wants attention, but I am not to sure. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear some advice!

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    Welcome to the forum. Hank looks like a real cutie. I think as long as you consistantly show Hank what behavior you do and don't want, he'll figure it out pretty quickly.
    How long as he been with you? They often need some settling in time before they feel secure in a new place.

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    Welcome, Hank is very handsome! He does need some time to settle in and you need to be consistent, firm and kind in correcting the behavior that is not acceptable to you. As for Hank wanting to be by your side constantly and "asking" for human contact - that is a Lab! I could not begin to count how many times I have fallen over a Lab that was directly behind me or laying on the kitchen floor while I am cooking, etc! Mine follow me EVERYWHERE I go, even if Maxx is sitting on the bed with me while I am reading and I get up to walk to the bathroom he is right behind me! If Maxx is sitting beside me, my DH or one of my grown children he "demands" that your hand is on him, scratching his ears, face, back, belly, etc. Maxx just loves/craves human contact. Hank will need at least 2 on leash walks daily along with a good hour of off leash free play in a secure area until he has excellent recall. Enrolling in an obedience class would be very helpful in bonding you and Hank and helping him learn/refreshing his manners. Good luck with your new dog and thank you for giving him a forever home!
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