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    DefaultHello from Northern Minnesota

    Hello Lab friends
    I am new on here. My dog is Shelby and she is a Lab/Border Collie spay I rescued 15 yrs ago when we found her abandoned as a approx 3 mo. old puppy at a construction site in Indiana. She has been my best friend loyal and true. Because of her we now want to adopt and rescue another "Black Pearl" as shelters call black Lab and black Lab mixes.

    Shelby has been at my side always and seen me thru thick and thin. My grandson (6yrs old) was diagnosed last fall with frontal lobe epilepsy. It has been a tough year with drugs not helping him much at all. Recently he almost choked to death on his food during a seizure. I had to do a hymlic on him 5 times before he could breathe. Thank you God he was saved. That was last week. A few days later he had a seizure at school and hit his head hard and had to go to the hospital. Again he is ok.

    My dog comforts me and enjoys walking with me. Shorter walks now as she has had two strokes which she recovered fully from. With her I can let down and relax and be outdoors and catch a breath. Our whollistic Vet says she will soon be gone from us. The next stroke will take her. Or her organs fail. She is on a special diet and her kidneys and pancreas are aging and failing.

    We attend our son's wedding in Florida in a few wks now. When we return we will adopt and rescue a black Lab in need. A adult neutered male is my plan in honor of and in memory of Shelby. He shall be called Bear. I may have found him or he has found me. Our landlord's daughter has a dog called bear and she and her hubby and jr age kids relocated to a condo. Tiny yard. The dog lost his big fenced in yard and is not exercised. Hair all over in the home and the yard a poopy mess. The dog is now boucning off the walls with excitement when all come home each day. He is also overweight now. Our landlord is working on seeing if we can adopt him.

    He needs are not being met in his new home they moved to with no one taking responsibility for him. If we get him, he will be a inside dog with daily 2 hr walks which I love and miss as Shelby must do shorter walks. Bear will be family just as Shelby is.

    Living as we do in the Land of 10,000 Lakes as our state logo says, we are in Lab heaven here with two lakes ! One in our front yard and one in back! Any Lab would love it here !

    Tail wags
    Rainna and Shelby, half Lab love of my life

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    Our Choco was a black lab/border collie cross. He was a wonderful dog. We missed him so .... when he passed and we eventually bought Jack our black lab. He is a wonderful dog and just turned 4. He was a puppy when we got him. I cannot believe how fast time has passed. Welcome to the forum and I hope that you will be able to adopt Bear.
    Judy and Jack

    "If you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room."

    "Jack catching a few rays."

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