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    Defaultneeding some advice...

    Hi All, my name is Daisy and I have two labs, Oscar whose 4 and Molly who has just turned one, the advice I need is that in the last few weeks Molly has started to bark at other dogs as soon as she sees them, not out of excitement though, more nerves I think, anyway the problem I have is that as soon as Molly starts barking Oscar then starts barking and almost becomes protective over Molly, they are brother and sister which may be the reason why, the trouble is Oscar is a big Lab, 47kgs!! which when hes pulling and barking can be a nightmare for me trying to hold two dogs!! Ive tried distracting Molly which sometimes works, but not always...before this Oscar would never bark at any dogs and was happy just to walk by...
    any advice you guys can give me would be great...thanks
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    I would start by working with Molly one on one. Get her training up to the point where you can walk her past other dogs without barking (or barking more than once or twice). Y ou may also want to work with the boy one on one to make sure he can walk past other dogs nicely as well. Once both are good seperately go back to walking them together. You may n eed treats during training to reward good behavior.

    A training class might be helpful as well (first for Molly)
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Hi Tanya
    thanks for that great idea...will try from tomorrow

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here!

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    a training class, separately, might help with the socialization part.

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