New puppy owners!!!
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    DefaultNew puppy owners!!!

    Hello all,

    My wife and I just adopted our first puppy. This is my first dog but she has had 2 dogs with her family (Siberian Husky and Yorkie-poo). We have always loved one of our friends labs and that what we decided to get. We adopted Jewels (6lbs 5oz) from a local rescue on 1/10/12. She had an upper respiratory infection and an intestinal parasite which they were treating.The shelter said she was 8wks old.
    On the 13th we noticed she hadn't ate or drank all day and would barely move. Then she started throwing up and had diarrhea. We took her back to the vet and they ran some tests which determined she had parvo. She only weighed 5lbs! We were devastated... She was in the hospital for 8 days when we took her home. Jewels came back to us on 1/23/12 weighing 7lbs.
    We noticed that she was walking a little strange so we took her to the vet where she said that it was probably from all the trauma from IV's and blood work every day. The vet told us to give it a week when we come back for our check up. That was on the 27th. My wife had a couple people over while I was working and she said it got worse while they were over. When I got home from work I noticed it and it was definitely worse. We took her back to the ER on the 28th where another vet said it was from being in the cage for 8 days that the tendons tighten up in that position. So he put splints on both of Jewels' front legs. We have to keep them on for 3 days and off for 3 days to straighten then tendons.
    All we could keep thinking was when was this dog going to catch a break. She now still has the splints on and is doing great! She now is 8lbs. She goes to the bathroom 99% of the time which we were amazed by since she is so young! Despite all of her aliments we LOVE our puppy and hope she lives a long healthy life with us! We are hoping to find a lot of useful information from the forums and we are proud to be members here!
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    Welcome! Poor baby, that is a lot of problems to start a life with. I hope she continues to improve and lives a healthy life. She is really tiny!
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    Poor little girl! It is heart breaking to see them so sick! It looks like your Jewel is a lab cross, so I can't be sure what she should be weighing at her age. Normally, a lab puppy will weigh about 2 lbs for each week they are old. We had a puppy that survived parvo about 12 yrs ago, and even then, the vet bills were $1000, so I am sure yours are getting pretty high. I am thankful Jewel has you and you love her and are giving her such excellent care.

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    Welcome! Poor little girl. Good healing thoughts on the way!
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Her little life has been such a tragic one. I am so glad that she has found good people to love and care for her. I am glad that you have joined us here at the forums so we can hear how she is doing and wish her good health. Welcome to you and Jewels. Keep in touch.
    Judy and Jack
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    Poor little baby! But I'm so glad she found a home where she is cared for and loved and gets the medical attention she needs. Can't wait to read more updates!

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    She is sweet!! I am glad she found a good loving home.

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