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    DefaultHi from Texas

    I have been reading threads for a while now in anticipation of our new yellow pup and have gotten some really great info. Can hardly wait as he will come home in about 3 weeks. It seems like we have been waiting FOREVER. It's been a long time since we have had a puppy in the house and I have spent lots of time trying to puppy proof and get things in order for our new little guy.

    We had a chocolate lab for 10 years who was the love of our life and she passed about two years ago and then along came our Izzy who we adopted at about 5 months old. She is a silver and now two years old. Had no idea at the time when we adopted her that there was controversy surrounding her color but we love her just the same. She had been given up by her previous owner and we just counted ourselves lucky to have found such a sweetheart.

    Our new little guy will be the first male I have owned and the first time I have had two dogs at the same time. A little nervous but really excited. Love having found this forum. So much great information in one place!

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    Welcome! I know how excited you are! When we were waiting to bring our Sophie home, it seemed like the time just crawled by! We lost our 12 yr old suddenly in May. She was our heart dog, and we still miss her terribly. Sophie has helped with the grief, she is a heart stealer! I am glad you adopted Izzy. It is sad about the silvers, and how they get shunned. They need love too. I don't think breeders should breed for the color, but once here, they need a loving home. I look forward to lots of pictures!

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here!

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    A lab is a lab is a lab. What difference does it make what colour they are if you are just looking for a loving pet. They will still have the great personality and will give you just as much love. Most of us just want a nice pet. Enjoy her and do not let the controversy bother you. Please post some photos if you can. I am anxious to see her. I am sure that you will enjoy the new pup and they will become great friends. Welcome to the forums.
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    Welcome! I am also glad that you rescued your silver, at least you did not support an unethical breeder! Instead you have a loving dog you obviously adore, that is awesome. Good luck with your new baby!

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