Hello All! My name is Crystal. My husband and I have two little boys ages 2 and 1. We also have two chihuahuas, who will soon be four years old. My husband was previously military, we were stationed in El Paso, TX for three years. He was medically retired, as he injured his back while deployed. We had a chocolate lab named Percy while we were in El Paso. Since my husband got "booted out" so quickly we had to move in with my parents when we moved back to PA until we could settle on a house. My parents don't like "big dogs" the way we do and so they wouldn't allow us to bring Percy to their house. Our one friend said he would keep him until we got found a house. However, Percy was VERY high energy and after two weeks of having him he decided he couldn't handle him anymore. We had other friends offer to take him in, however we had to make the decision of what was best for him. I really felt that him being bounced from home to home until we moved into a house wasn't best for him. A guy that my dad works with (who has become a good friend of ours now) was looking for another lab, as they already had one. He said he would take Percy. Though it was a very hard decision to make we did give him to Frank (my dad's friend) and we still see pictures, hear stories and have the option (though I haven't done it) of seeing him whenever we want. I feel if we went to see him it would be hard on both of us, so we haven't done that. He has grown into a big BEAUTIFUL lab.

Anyhow, I decided to join the forum now because after having had Percy, I fell in love with labs. They are such a great breed (obviously I don't have to tell all of you that ). We are now in our house, we have owned our own home for a year now. Now that things are settled and my youngest son is a bit older (he just turned one) we decided it's a good time to start looking for another lab to add to our home. We were looking at puppies, but with two young boys, two other dogs, and school I then thought that maybe finding a lab who was a bit older (9 months to two years) would be better for our situation than bringing an 8 week old pup into the house and having to start from the beginning with training. We actually will be going next weekend to meet a dog named Eden, who I found through our local newspaper. She is a beautiful yellow lab who is 2 years old. She weighs 55 pounds. She belongs to a breeder who was keeping her back to breed, but has since decided that they will be downsizing their kennels and he would like to find her a good home. I am SO EXCITED to meet her and hopefully bring her home!

I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions with helping a two year old pup transition into a new house? We've had all our dogs since they were puppies, so I've never had to worry about an older pup adjusting. Also we will be getting her on a spay contract, which isn't an issue, both my other pups are spayed/neutered, that's the way I prefer it lol. I was wondering though, does anyone know of anything I should watch for with getting her spayed since she is two years old already and I'm assuming has already been through a heat cycle or two (not sure how often dogs cycle). I have heard there is more risk with getting an older dog spayed, but I'm not sure what is meant by older.

Any suggestions would be fantastic! Thank you!