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    I'm new to this board and my main reason for searching for it is that I have 2 labs, who are amazing and I love them dearly, but I'm at a loss with one of them. I'm not sure where I should post this but I could definitely use some advice. I have two girls, KD and Kody. KD actually is only with me part time, Kody all the time. They're great together and up until recently have had no problem with other dogs. KD is still fine with other animals, but suddenly Kody has started to become aggressive with some other dogs. Not all of them, just a few different ones. I have talked to the vet, and a trainer who has known Kody since I brought her home so she knows her behavior, and I've tried everything they've suggested. She's not a mean dog, and generally very loving, and has always loved play time with other dogs so it's strange this is happening. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    I apologize if I'm breaking some rules or offending anyone by posting this all at once instead of doing a couple of different posts.

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    Hi and welcome. Has Kody been spayed? Does she exhibit the behavior when leashed? I would keep her leashed. You are the boss, so when you are around other dogs you need to train her to make her mind you. My son's 2 yr old boxer female began acting protective of his wife. She growls and snaps at other dogs when she is with the wife, but acts normally around other dogs when she is with my son. Do you think Kody might be protective of you?

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    I do think she might feel like she's being protective of me. She's always on her leash when we're outside, but my roommate has a puppy and they were playing fine until I walked into the room. I'm just not sure how to curb that behavior. The only time she's off leash is if she's in a safe area to run and play, or a fenced back yard. I've done more to make sure she knows that I'm the boss ( making her lay down before I feed her or take her anywhere for example) which she's not fond of, but she does it because she knows she has to. She is spayed, she's 2 years old (and a few months).

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    Welcome - you will get more answers if you post in Lab Chat.
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